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Sample Contract

Relief veterinarian, Lynn A. Lawitzke DVM, will:

  • Have a current state license to practice veterinary medicine and state-controlled substance license.

  • Have  USDA-Aphis category 1 accreditation in Michigan for interstate movement.

  • Provide own professional liability insurance/license defense. (AVMA PLIT

  • Be responsible for own FICA and applicable withholding taxes.

  • Carry copies of all relevant licenses.

  • Work the scheduled hours and be available to complete the day’s work. I will NOT be available for after hours emergency or on call services.

  • Be responsible for own travel and business expenses unless otherwise specified.

  • Provide veterinary care in the form of examination, diagnosis, treatment, nursing care, consultation and professional recommendations to clients of the practice.

  • Practice veterinary medicine under the guidelines of the State Veterinary Practice Act and be competent in medicine and surgery in dogs and cats.

  • Practice in a professional and ethical manner.

  • Determine the means and/or methods of performing the duties contracted.

  • Determine on a case by case basis to perform any surgery or procedure.

  • Utilize current pain management protocols.


Employing clinic responsibilities:

  • Provide a safe, clean, well-equipped working environment.

  • Provide a supply of commonly used in date drugs and supplies.

  • Provide enough properly trained staff to complete normal staff duties.

  • The relief veterinarian may utilize all clinic staff, drugs and equipment.

  • The clinic will file IRS Form- 1099 for independent contractors for the relief veterinarian.

  • Clinic will follow current COVID guidelines.


COVID 19 policies

  • Clinic will follow current COVID guidelines for small businesses and the AVMA.

  • Masks must be worn by clients and all staff members.

  • If at any time I feel that guidelines are not being followed, I reserve the right to cancel the rest of the scheduled shift and any in the future if steps are not taken to remedy the situation. The fee for that day will be charged in full. Future dates will incur cancellation fees if the shifts can not be filled.

  • I will notify the clinic as soon as possible if I am not feeling well or have been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID 19. If, by mutual consent, the shift(s) are cancelled, no cancellation fees will be charged.

  • The clinic will inform me if any staff members have been diagnosed or are suspected of having COVID 19. Fees will not be charged if it is decided to cancel the scheduled shift(s).



  • Weekday shifts up to 4 hours-$440.00

  • Weekday shifts up to 8 working hours- $760.00

  • A mid-day break will generally be taken and is not included as part of the working hours.

  • If a break is not able to be taken and/or working time exceeds 8 hours a charge of $50.00/15 minutes will be invoiced.

  • Rates include 1 hour of travel time per day. Additional travel time may be subject to additional fees.


Cancellation/Termination policy:

  • The employing clinic acknowledges and accepts the following cancellation policy:

  1. Notification of cancellation of any shifts shall be made by text or email to Lynn Lawitzke DVM. Cancellation will not be in effect until acknowledged by Lynn Lawitzke DVM.

  2. Cancellations made 1-3 months prior to shift incur a fee of 25% of contracted rate.

  3. Cancellations made 1-4 weeks prior to shift incur a fee of 50% of contracted rate.

  4. Cancellations made 2-6 days prior to shift incur a fee of 75% of contracted rate.

  5. Cancellations made < 48 hours prior to shift incur a fee of 100% of contracted rate.

  6. If the cancelled shift(s) can be filled, no fees will be incurred.

  7. Any shift cancelled will be invoiced immediately and payment due in 30 days.

  • This contract may be terminated:

  1. By mutual agreement  and documented by mutual acknowledgement through email or text by both parties due to differences in personality, practice style or client satisfaction.

  2. Malpractice and/or unethical conduct by either party.

  3. Failure to remit payment as agreed upon in this contract.

  4. If the relief veterinarian is injured or otherwise unable to fulfill the responsibilities of this contract. No fees will be incurred by either party.


Terms of Contract:

  • Lynn Lawitzke DVM is hired for the dates and times and fees listed below. Travel time greater than 1 hour may be subject to additional fees.

  • General practice shifts >6 hours allow for a full hour break. If the Dr. is unable to leave/be free of interruption for a full hour an additional fee may be incurred.

  • An invoice will be left at the end of shift or at the end of the week if multiple shifts are contracted. Payment is due within 30 days of receiving invoice.

  • The practice is liable for all expenses and legal fees incurred in collection of payment for services. Late payment will be assessed an additional fee of 10% of balance due with a minimum of $100.00, unless other arrangements have been made and have been accepted by both parties by text or email.






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