• Weekday shifts up to 4 hours- $350.00.

  • Weekday shifts up to 6 hours- $480.00

  • Weekday shifts up to 8 working hours- $600.00.

  • Longer/Evening/Weekend/holiday shifts- inquire about rates.

  • For shifts > 6 hours a 1-hour break will be taken.

  • If a break is not able to be taken or working time exceeds 8 hours for weekday shifts, a charge of $25.00/15 minutes will be invoiced. 

  • Rates include 1 hour of travel time each way. Additional travel time may be subject to additional fees.

Cancellation Policy

The employing clinic acknowledges and accepts the following cancellation policy:

  • Notification of cancellation of any shifts shall be made by text or email to Lynn Lawitzke DVM.

  • Cancellation will not be in effect until acknowledged by Lynn Lawitzke DVM.

  • Cancellations made 1-3 months prior to shift incur a fee of 25% of contracted rate.

  • Cancellations made 1-4 weeks prior to shift incur a fee of 50% of contracted rate.

  • Cancellations made  2-6 days prior to shift incur a fee of 75% of contracted rate.

  • Cancellations made < 48 hours prior to shift incur a fee of 100% of contracted rate.

  • If the cancelled shift(s) can be filled, no fees will be incurred.

  • Any shift cancelled will be invoiced immediately and payment due in 30 days.

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