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In order to provide a smooth transition, prevent any miscommunication and best serve your practice, clients and patients, I have the following policies and recommendations.
Covid 19

  COVID 19 policies

  • Clinic will follow current COVID guidelines for small businesses and the AVMA.

  • Masks must be worn by clients and all staff members.

  • If at any time I feel that guidelines are not being followed, I reserve the right to cancel the rest of the scheduled shift and any in the future if steps are not taken to remedy the situation. The fee for that day will be charged in full. Future dates will incur cancellation fees if the shifts can not be filled.

  • I will notify the clinic as soon as possible if I am not feeling well or have been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID 19. If, by mutual consent, the shift(s) are cancelled, no cancellation fees will be charged.

  • The clinic will inform me if any staff members have been diagnosed or are suspected of having COVID 19. Fees will not be charged if it is decided to cancel the scheduled shift(s).

Medical Record Analysis

 Clinic Protocols and Records

  • I strive to follow your practice's protocols regarding medication refills, vaccination schedules and recommendations for patient care as long as they meet AVMA guidelines and Michigan veterinary medical board requirements along with applicable law. 

  • I will normally use the in house pharmacy or on-line pharmacy and only use an outside source if a needed medication is not available. I do not carry prescription pads, so will need to use hospital supplies for written prescriptions. I do have a DEA license and will dispense controlled substances within accepted state and federal rules.

  • Please let me know if I have done or said something differently than you would, so we can discuss and clarify any confusion regarding your clinics policies. I am always glad to learn new things and to make sure I am providing excellent service to you, your practice, your staff and your clients.

  • I will leave complete medical records and notes on the patients I see, so you may follow my train of thought.

  • It is helpful if I have complete medical notes or case summary with a treatment plan for any on-going cases. If you have lab results or other follow up calls you would like me to make please have a staff member provide the results/list and again, having notes about your thoughts on the case are helpful.


 Surgery Policy

  • For our mutual benefit, I will not perform surgery or dentals until we have become familiar with each other.

  • Please do not schedule any surgeries until we have agreed which surgeries I will perform for your practice.

  • I do not do orthopedic surgery, declaws, ears crops or tail docking.

  • I will perform soft tissue surgery in an emergency situation on a case by case basis.

Veterinarian with Dog


  • I will commit to arrive promptly, work efficiently for the entire shift, and maintain a professional and friendly attitude.

  • I will delegate as much as possible to staff in order to allow me to concentrate on your client and patient. In order to do so I will need  to have adequate, trained staff to assist me in learning your software and preparing and presenting estimates and to have sufficient staff to load exam rooms, assist in restraint, obtain TPRs and histories. There should be staff available to obtain and run blood samples, obtain radiographs, place IV catheters and monitor patients. I am willing to do or assist with these tasks but it will make the appointments run less efficiently.

  • I practice in a Fear Free manner, with as little restraint as possible. I reserve the right to not work with any animal I deem dangerous and a threat to the safety of myself, your staff and the client. I will use muzzles if they can be applied safely and will prescribe/give medications to make handling possible.

  • I will not discuss your clinic policies, staff or clients with any outside parties without your knowledge and consent. The exception being if I am consulting with a specialist concerning patient care.

  • I am not comfortable with my knowledge base with exotics, and will not see birds, reptiles, pocket pets, rabbits or ferrets. 

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