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I am a 1982 graduate of Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I grew up in Warren, Michigan and practiced in the metro Detroit area until relocating to Florida in 2004. Upon returning to Michigan in 2013 I practiced in the Jackson area before starting relief work. My work experience includes a variety of small animal practices from a humane society, general practice hospitals, and emergency/referral hospitals.

My goal is to educate every client and help them be able to provide the best care option for their situation. I strive to keep your hospital running smoothly, keeping both your clients and employees happy. I am familiar with several common veterinary medical software systems and can readily learn to work with your system and methods for records, billing, prescriptions, and estimates. Flexibility and efficiency allow me to quickly blend into your practice.

Please contact me by phone or email if you have any questions. 

Committed to delivering professional, friendly and compassionate assistance to  veterinary clinics in Michigan.

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